My life lately, travel, prepping for the Olympia and More!

Hello FitnessRX for Women viewers! It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, so I think I am past due to write one. I have been on vacation lately. Yes, that’s right…a three week vacation! I visited Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and finally San Diego. I felt like it was good for me to get out and have fun before I buckle down into strict Olympia mode. During my vacation, I did a lot of exciting things such as going to 6 Flags, botanical gardens, my FIRST EVER concert, went to a pool party in Vegas, Sky Jumped off of the Stratosphere, I gambled, attended a Birthday celebration, went paddle boarding on the ocean, rode bikes on the shore and enjoyed the beautiful weather.
The great thing about this vacation was that I enjoyed myself yet I still kept it healthy and fit. For example, I ate out at a restaurant once or twice EVERY DAY that I was away. I kept most of my meals pretty reasonable, but I did have a few much deserved cheats too! I ordered a lot of salads and grilled meats, and I usually skipped out on dessert. I got a lot of great workouts while away also. I went to many different gyms to train while I was away. It was fun to switch up the workout equipment and atmosphere.
…and now I am back home to the normal life, just in time to start my Olympia prep. I usually start contest prepping around 8 weeks out. To kick start my prep, I started taking Gaspari Nutrition’s DetonateXT. This is a Thermogenic amplifier that decreases craving and boosts the metabolism. I feel like is give me good clean energy for my workouts.
At this point, I’ve started to add cardio into my regimen (I try to lay off the cardio during off season but keep the lifting heavy). Currently, I weight train about 5 days per week with 4 sessions of HIIT cardio. This will increase as I get closer to the show. I am getting great workouts on the Stepmill and the Jacobs Ladder. I also frequently attend bootcamp classes at my gym.
This season, at 8 weeks about I have decided that a goal of mine is to run a 5k race at least once every two weeks. I love running 5ks. I feel like they are a great workout and are a lot of fun at the same time. This is probably because I am such a competitive person!
I am looking forward to competing this September at the Olympia. I get butterflies just thinking about it! I would love to be the first IFBB Bikini Athlete to be a repeat winner. I will keep you guys updated with my progress and more on my journey to the O!