Ashley Kaltwasser Bio

Athlete Background:

Ashley Kaltwasser has been participating in athletic activities since she was four years old. She began competing in gymnastics and continued through her 10th grade year in high school when she became interested in track and field activities.

Ashley quickly began making her presence known in track and cross country; participating in the 300m hurdles, 100 meter hurdles, long jump and the 3.1 mile cross country run. During her high school career at Coventry High School in Akron Ohio. Ashley broke seven high school records for the track team and the record in cross country. Her records still stand. She was awarded a track scholarship at a Division 1 college. Ashley’s main event in college was the 400m hurdles.


Ashley is the winner of 14 IFBB Pro events including 3 Miss Bikini Olympia titles and 2 Arnold Bikini International titles. She is the first Bikini competitor to win the Olympia as a rookie.

Since winning the Bikini Olympia she has graced the cover of over 9 popular women’s fitness magazines. She continues to expand her fitness career with her own fitness app and website as well as becoming a Fitness social media influencer. 


Personal Details

Height: 5’5’’
Weight: 122
Birthplace (city): Akron OH
Current Location (city): Los Angeles CA