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AshleyKFit App

After years of being in the fitness industry it was time that I share to the world my ways of training and dieting.  In this app I have a few programs you guys can choose from including a Full Body Tone, Tight Body/Booty Build, and even a program designed for Lean Gains (awesome for men too!) You can even choose Home or Gym training routines! That means that there are NO EXCUSES if you cannot get to a gym. Many instructional videos are included showing you exactly how to train correctly for specific exercises. To top it off I also share with you guys my favorite recipes to have during my Bikini Preps or when I’m simply trying to shed a few pounds! Getting in shape has a lot to do with your mental approach. With that being said, who wouldn’t want to have nutritious and delicious snacks during their fitness journey?!  All in all, this app is great for all beginners, advanced, and both men/women all offered in this easy to use app that you can take ANYWHERE!


What’s included in my Fitness App

  • Workout Plans
  • Full Body Tone Routines
  • Tight Body/Booty Build
  • Muscle Gain Full Body Workouts
  • Programs for both Men and Women
  • Instructional Video Workouts
  • My Favorite Recipes!
  • Designed for both Beginners and Advanced

AshleyKfit App

Download my app to better organize your photos. Available in iOS and Android.