Are Carbs Bad For You?

Posted by Ashley Kaltwasser on

Are carbs bad for you? How many times have you heard that before?!  Over the years, we’ve all seen numerous diets that promote a low carb lifestyle in order to lose weight. However, low carb diets for extended period of time can also lead to a weight-gain rebound!  Before you go cutting carbs out entirely for quick weight loss, let me teach you how to use carbohydrates to work FOR you rather than against you!

#1: Eat carbs in moderation always

Whether you’re eating oatmeal, white potato, or even a small cookie, consuming carbs in moderation will keep you from storing any excess body fat.  For the average woman, I recommend anywhere from 30-45 carbs per meal. Servings can vary from 1-5 depending on your metabolism and goals. Just keep in mind, any EXCESS carbs (or any nutrient source for that matter) will result in extra stored body fat if not utilized with exercise or enough daily activity. Moderation is key!

#2 Eat complex carbohydrates to curb appetite

Complex, low glycemic carbs such as brown rice, wheat bread, sweet potato, and oatmeal are slower digesting, and will help keep you fuller for longer!  These are your go to carbs, especially if you’re hungry!  Complex carbs will also keep your body in fat burning mode all day by keeping your blood sugar levels low!

#3 Eat simple carbohydrates for quick energy or post workout

If you’re feeling sluggish or sleepy, try a small portion of higher glycemic carbs like fruit or white potato for a quick burst of energy!  Simple carbs also help jumpstart the recovery process post workout when your muscles are depleted. After your next training session, try a banana with a quick digesting protein such as egg whites or whey protein!  The only caveat with simple carbs is that they elevate your blood sugar levels, and keeps your body from burning fat. So long as you consume sugar and fruit in moderation, you’ll stay right on track.