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Hi Ashley!
I wanted to email you because I need a hand doing up a meal plan…if possible. I know what my intake should be to maintain weight, but I also like the idea of having “lower carb” days. I have problems making up meals that fit the goals and macronutrient intake. I am lean already, however need to be a little more “shredded” if you may, in the abdominal area in particular, as I want those abs to just pop out more!!! Are you able to help me out?


Any muscle group, but especially abs will become more prominent the leaner we get. Sometimes all we need is consistency and time. We are all different, some of us will lean out faster in certain areas than others. I’ll take myself for example, my midsection is where I seem to lean out first while my upper thighs seem to be the stubborn area.

When training abs, it seems like our lower abdominal muscles are the ones that get neglected the most. You can incorporate exercise movements such as reverse crunches and Roman Chair leg raises to fix this imbalance.

I too am I believer in carb cycling. I think it’s great to trick your body and keep it guessing! Save the lower carb days for low intensity training or cardio only days. For hard training days (such as legs) bump up the carbs, your body will love it!


I get cravings at night after dinner. What are some healthy snack ideas for these times?


Some of my favorite low calorie snack ideas are-

Celery dipped in mustard or salsa

Cucumber slices with stevia sprinkled on top

Crispy cauliflower (steam first then bake in oven til crispy, add seasonings of choice)

Sugar free jello


The only time I really have to work out is in the morning, but it’s so difficult for me to get up and work out that early! I have such good intentions the night before, but once that alarm clock rings, the snooze button is my friend. Any motivational ideas or tips to get up in the morning to work out?


Try taking caffeine upon waking up. If it’s more convenient for you, you can also the caffeine in capsule form.

Make sure that your alarm (or phone) is placed across the room and not in arms reach of where you sleep. This will force you to actually get up and walk across the room rather than laying in bed. Be sure the volume is set to high!

Change your alarm tone to a song that really gets you motivated and pumped up!

Lay out your workout attire and gym items the night before. This will eliminate one step in the morning and maybe it will encourage you not to procrastinate.