Make it part of your morning routine to drink a glass of water

Are you drinking enough water?

My personal tips for staying hydrated.

  • *Make it part of your morning routine to drink a few glasses of water upon waking
  • * Fill a gallon the night before so you have it ready for the next day
  • * Keep a gallon of filtered water in the trunk of your car at all times.
  • * Add pure lemon juice and stevia extract to your water for a sugar free lemonade (this is also great for cleansing the liver!)
  • * For every caffeinated beverage you have, drink 8 oz of water immediately after
  • * Add Stevia extract drops, Mio drops, or Dasani drops for flavor!
  • * Add a scoop Aminos, such as @hitechparhma “Off the Chain” (also great for muscle recovery and protein synthesis!)
  • * Squeeze a small bit of fruit or Herb in your water: Lemon, Cucumber, Strawberry, Orange, Mint, Lime, or Kiwi (your water will taste super refreshing!)
  • * Keep a shaker of water with you wherever you go. I love to bring my @hitechpharma blue shaker with me an refil it throughout the day, very convenient!!

So what’s the ideal amount of water you should be consuming anyway? well that number will depend on your size and activity level. Our bodies are mostly made of water after all! For me personally, if I can get 3/4 to a gallon of water in that’s a good day for me. You’ll find that the more often you get in the habit of consuming water, the easier that it will be! So drink up buttercup